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    Fish Grill’s mission is to offer our customers a dining experience that challenges the status quo, with connection and personal service as our no.1 goal.

    Step into any one of our neighborhood restaurants and enjoy exceptional value and a wholesome, sustainably-sourced menu featuring Simply The Freshest, most delicious fresh caught fish served from boatside to tableside every day.


    a fisherman called captain smiley
    • Some of the BEST & freshest fish in all of Los Angeles.

      Some of the BEST & freshest fish in all of Los Angeles. The best part is that you get your food fast (takes about 15 minutes after you order, they freshly grill it right in front of you!)
      This place is casual & fast, and I love that its not super cheap, but not too pricey either. You know you’re always going to get the best quality fish here. My favorite is the Cajun grilled salmon with a ceasar salad & a side of rice. Its the PERFECT meal if you are trying to eat healthy, but still want something really yummy & satisfying!

      Lindsay H.

    • The freshest fish ever!

      The freshest fish ever! And less is more when it comes to fish. Their simple preparation really highlights the fresh fish. I can eat there everyday.

      Baila S.

    • food is always fresh

      Food is always fresh, the choices are all healthy, the service is quick. great place to sit down and eat or take out. I highly recommend this restaurant.

      Sam D.

    • This is the best kosher seafood restaurant ever!!!

      This is the best kosher seafood restaurant ever!!! They have the freshest fish and best fish filet sandwich. I highly recommend this place!

      May E.

    • Great for lunch! Simple, yet delicious !

      Great for lunch! Simple, yet delicious! Mesquite grilled fish fillets of your choice, I got the sea bass which was very good. They also have fried fish tacos that are very good. Affordable, quick, and delicious just how I like it.

      Tony S.

    • Best seafood restaurant in LA!

      Best seafood restaurant in LA! If I ever crave fish this is the only place I go to. Their grilled trout and salmon fillet is my favorite and they have the best french fries I’ve ever had. Everything is super fresh and tasty! The parking is free and super convenient. This place deserves five stars.

      Liel A.